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FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign

mrtmrt Posts: 5,606Member ✭✭✭
edited March 2012 in New Members Start Here
Ya gotta love the FDA.  Please look at http://naturalsociety.com/fda-deletes-1-million-signatures-for-gmo-labeling-campaign/ for further information.


  • GooseGoose Posts: 1,765Member ✭✭
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,606Member ✭✭✭
    Anyone else care to chime in?
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Is asinine with one 's' or two?
  • wmike145wmike145 Posts: 422Member

    :-S- Doesn't really surprise me but it's effed up either way... I signed that petition myself. If I would have known that, I would have changed the content slightly. Eff the FDA, the WHO, and pretty much all of these organizations. They serve the same purpose as most Labor Unions (sorry to the die hard union guys, I'm a union member myself)... they look out for themselves and their political interests. If it isn't making money for someone, then it does them no good.
  • GinnyGinny Posts: 149Member
    Good reason to grow your own food. (Vegtables & beef). I feel sorry for the ones that dont have the option.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    I think from the last FDA forum subject you can just about get the flavor of my dislike for the FDA and org's like it. 
    More deception.

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