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Pipe smokers?? Captain Black eliquid??

CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,760Member
edited August 2012 in The World of E-Cigarettes
Let me start by saying I hope V2 doesn't have any issues with this thread. My Mom and I started vaping almost 4 months ago with V2. My Dad was 100% NOT interested. Now a few days ago he decided he kind of want's to try it and plans to order a V2 starter kit in the next week or so (hoping for a Labor Day sale). He currently smokes cigarettes and a pipe. He knows he wants the Red V2 cartos but the problem is the pipe tobacco. Does anyone know of any pipe flavored eliquids? Specifically Captain Black ( a light vanilla laced pipe tobacco)? We tried googling it and didn't have much success. At age 64 with 1 heart attack behind him, we need to do this NOW! Anyone wth any suggestions would be much appreciated!


  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,266V2 Veteran ✭✭✭
    @Cynsonya I sent you a PM.
  • dBdB Posts: 731Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 2012

    Bet there is a flavor he would love AND....there are even e-pipe mods out there that are pretty cool.  Good luck with your Dad! 

  • Sally53Sally53 Posts: 1,074Member
    sent pm
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,760Member
    Thanks everyone! I did see the pipes @dB but he said that's a definate NO. But he said that about ecigs 4 months ago, lol. Hoping he will change his mind about the pipe by Christmas. That would make a great gift!
  • TAP352TAP352 Posts: 953Member
    There is this guy on reddit.com e cig sub reddit reddit.com/r/ecr that sells custom made ecig pipes. If you are interested for the future @cynsonya pm me and I can set you up with his site. These things are beautiful. 
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,760Member
    Thanks a lot @TAP352...If we get him on the ecig I am hoping he won't like the taste of "real smoke" anymore and we can get him off that pipe as well! Would love to get him a couple epipes for Christmas or his Bday in January.
  • parrotladyparrotlady Posts: 693Member
    Bit late on this, but he might like Bella Valente. This company's liquids are a little too harsh for me but are pretty realistically tobacco. Belle Valente is a vanilla that isn't too sweet.
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,760Member
    Thanks so much @parrotlady. ^:)^
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