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E-cigs in the stocks market?

al27al27 Posts: 39Member
Hey all! My husband is so impressed with my e-cigs, he told me today that we should invest in some stocks because the industry is blowing up like crazy. Does anyone have any experience with this? I wouldn't even know where to start, or which company to even choose! Any investment savvy people out there with any tips? :)


  • jrfenleyjrfenley Posts: 2Member
    i think that would be a great idea as well, i dont have any experience either though
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Other than big tobacco, who'll be taking a hit, I don't know of any e-cig companies that are public.
  • al27al27 Posts: 39Member
    No kidding! I've been trying to research and so far all of the companies are private stock.... Hmmm... We need an insider to give us tips hehe
  • gotolamgotolam Posts: 525Member
    You should invest in Lorillard and the other BTs that are smart enough to get into e-cigs now.  All the companies, like V2, SI, and others will go the way of Blu -- they'll all get swallowed up by the big tobacco companies. 
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